I had tried this method of enlarging an image recently on an image from a magazine using pencil and felt tip, so was not completely new to it.

This time however, I chose a photograph that I had taken on a trip to Barcelona a few years ago.  I deliberately went for a scene that I have not attempted before, being buildings and people.



When drawing it I deliberately ignored the temptation to us a ruler for the straight lines on buildings as I wanted to stay as loose as possible.  This method does start to make you tighten and want to get things just so, which I have been working hard to get away from ….

I have been using a ground colour but started to paint too quickly and neglected to do this, so I opted for starting with bright colours to work on in this instance.


DSC_0034 (1).jpg

Working across the painting is bringing it together in terms of colour as I use whats left on the brush on different parts of the picture, however I do now have everyone in the same jeans 🙂

I’m starting to want to work faster which is difficult with such a detailed subject, so at this point am getting impatient.  I am thinking of drawing on top of the oil paint to get more control for the details.


DSC_0034 (2).jpg

Some of the drawing in oil pastels has helped, more distinction of the people and the ground and darker tones. The wobbly balconies however are fairly hilarious.

Shame that I clearly rushed things at this point, to be completely honest I lost interest in the picture and that shows, but I think the purpose of the exercise has been achieved.  I can now enlarge and image and retain all the qualities of composition and perspective if I should need to.