Choose a subject that you’re already familiar with and make three drawings.


As the weather was behaving I chose to do this exercise outside despite the suggested subject being the corner of a room.  I made my drawings at a pond at the end of our road, I have sketched it previously and know it very well.

I kept my sketchbook close and laid a surface colour of yellow ochre and then some background greens.  I scratched into these with a wok brush and pallet knife to “draw” the basic picture.

DSC_0070Beginning to apply some colours I continued to scratch into the picture, I also smudged with a cloth  to blend as I went.



My sketches helped  with the literal information of the image, where everything was, the colours and the tones.  I could have taken different materials to give me more accurate representation of colours as my pencils were quite limited. I could  also have done some smaller detail sketches for, say, the bark patterns.  However, I am heading away from literal representation and therefore overall felt that I had enough information.

Being away from the subject gave me more freedom to develop my techniques.  The temptation when in front of the subject to get very literal was removed by not being there. This afforded me the chance to play with techniques more. I am experimenting with more scratching, repainting and scratching again, the quick feel of the scratching appeals to my impatient nature and is starting to get interesting results.

I am not 100% happy with the finished painting.  The composition is a little dull, I don’t think it has a focal point of interest.  However I have learnt from this exercise.  I have taken several visits to the picture letting the colours dry in between and this has meant that I have brightened the pallet and developed the scraffiti technique further.