Covering pieces of corrugated card from old boxes with gesso then acrylics to be used for experimenting.


DSC_0002 (1).jpg

Bored sitting in the hairdressers


Importing my painting and painting over it ….ipad playing



Trying to draw my dog with ipad


very loose sketching from the tv with ipad


another loose sketch with ipad from news on tv = v fast

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Took the view that I did for the exercise on aerial perspective and had another go, this time using large piece of sugar paper and oil applied with a credit card and glue spreader, scratched into with my wok brush.  This took an hour ish and I loved doing it. I have pared down the view to just a few shapes and worked quickly and energetically.


Having a go at squaring up at art group.


Another try with the Ipad


Glue Spreader Practice



ipad practice





Corrogated card smeared with red acrylic then oils


a doodle exercise…..blobs of ink made into imagined creatures


outside viewed through individual leaded light panes of my art room window.

DSC_0047 (1)DSC_0050DSC_0051

Trying oil much thinner, mixed with a thinner, brushed on and scrapped into with a sculptor molding tool, then tried to see what spraying thinner on would do…nothing….then drawn over with compressed charcoal.

Sketching for fun using watercolour first, conte pencil and then black ink

DSC_0058 (1)

An interesting accident with the printer which caught my eye and I reproduced with pencils for fun.  This did harken back to the blocks of colour I’d been attracted to in part 3.  Something to consider going forward.DSC_0061

Sketch done on a weekend away, watching sunset overlooking a golf course.  Loved the massive and very clear shadows thrown by the trees on the manicured fairways.

DSC_0036 (1)DSC_0035 (2)

Scratching into oils on corrugated card just to see how various implements would work.


Sketching in the woods.  Using one of my bits of corrugated card that I had gessoed then painted in acrylic blue.  Using oil pastels and quickly sketching a huge beech tree.


Trying a small abstract oil to see what water mixable oils do.