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Linear perspective…..I know that I struggle with this.  I had some hiccups with it in the interior section of this module. Whether because of that or a dislike of buildings, I was not looking forward to this exercise……

Before starting I refreshed my self on perspective by looking at some tutorials on the internet…….you tube always has something ….





I set out with sketchbook yesterday just walking around the estate I live on.  There are lots of hills and curves in the streets, this made it rather trick to find my horizon.

At the top of one hill I was taken by the roofs of the houses.  Took the sketches home and played with one of my bits of cardboard I had prepared using gesso and acrylic coloured ground, to see how this might go. Using the scrap cardboard did encourage me to play and not be so precious worrying about materials.



The corrugated board gave me its shape /texture through the paint no matter how many layers.  Sometimes this was useful sometimes not. It gave me the tiles on the roof and the bricks but not so great in the sky.

Scratching into the wet oil paint revealing the acrylic underneath, gave the ability to  draw  the picture, as oil is wet a long time this could help with getting the lines in the correct places for perspective if I was to use it going forward.











I had been drawn to the different shapes of the roof tops, but didn’t feel they were very successful here.

I liked the lamppost from this angle acting as a sort of half frame to the picture.









At this point this view didn’t really fill the brief and I went out to scout for something that did show the sense of receding space.

My next outing was into our nearest industrial estate by car.  There would certainly be plenty of lines on the large building there.  I grabbed a couple of sketches and some photos as the weather began to deteriorate .

DSC_0007 (2)DSC_0008 (1)


First sketch in order to try to work out where the horizon was and make sure everything was going in the right direction.




Second more detailed with compressed charcoal from a slightly different position to try to find my composition.





Taking another of my prepared bits of cardboard I began to just use white and paynes grey to sketch out the picture.


adding a touch of blue and yellow ochre and orange.  This time the corrugated card needed more paint as the texture wasn’t really helping at all.


Adding more colour and starting to scratch into the surface as a way of helping the drawing. I have cropped this image and feel that this would be a better composition.  The advantage I found of working on card – useful again  as it stops me being too precious about the work, also working on a piece that is too big and an odd shape has not forced me to try to fit my picture into a preset rectangle.

I am tempted to leave it at this stage, more fiddling may not help. As an exercise I am pleased to have an image that does convey perspective with buildings, and shows receding space.  The building facing the view on the straight plane is a little too large I feel.


Final painting…..I did go back and touch up darks and lights, added some more directional information on the road area with hints at road markings, and added the canopys to the door areas of the buildings. The directional marks on the road do help to take one into the picture and emphasise the perspective.  The building at the end is definitely a touch too big otherwise considering my run in with perspective before, I am happy with the outcome.