Tutor feed back received on part three was quite a report.  Eight pages long it took several readings to take it all in.  I am very encouraged by this sort of considered constructive criticism, he has taken time to really look at my efforts, it is appreciated.  I will try and give my reflections in an ordered way, although there is now lots of stuff floating around in my head and I need to corral it into order.

Overall comments mention that I have “tried lots of different things” but still need to have the “courage of my convictions“.  I have shown “improvisation and ingenuity” but need to create more work.  I do understand this and during part three I did have a bit of a stop/start few months.  I think that this broke the flow of work, no excuses, but time constraints and family illness meant I was tackling things in a broken up way.

Feedback on the exercises and assignment. I have printed this report out and am taking time to go through all the feedback with several highlighters to look at successes and areas that can be taken further.  These I will again build into a bullet chart which I will put up in front of my desk as a constant reminder.  This worked well for me last time.  Areas to continue with

  • not being worried about starting again
  • work more across the whole surface of the painting at once
  • think about more dramatic lighting or exaggerating the palette
  • etching back into the paint.
  • Be more confident to do the exciting thing
  • Coloured surfaces are working for you…..keep at it

Sketchbooks- My tutor suggests I do not write in my sketchbooks as it is distracting from the work.  I have been doing this purely as an aide memoire for myself.  I find that in order to remember what I felt at each point for the blog write up, I need to put it somewhere or it slips my mind by the time I come to write up each exercise.  Perhaps a separate note book would do this just as well.  Other experiments I have tried and should  look more into from here are:

  • ipad drawing- which encourages freedom (perhaps this could come out and about with me in part 4.)
  • cubist collage – new ways of looking at images
  • biro drawing and single line drawing – I do have to make decisions quickly with these and do enjoy the rolling flow of a good biro.

Research – I have looked at a lot of artists and my observations are fine, however I now need to relax more and say what I feel.  This again is me holding myself back.  I do have a fear of making a fool of myself and this is more apparent  in this area.  Trying to find the right words stops me saying much at all.  I am advised to “gush” about the work….ok …grammar may go haywire though!

Learning Log – is ok but needs to be more analytical. I do need to take the time at the end of each exercise and during experiments to wonder out loud (in the blog) this does all go on in my head but doesnt get written down enough.

There is a good list of pointers for the next assignment which will be build into my bullet list.

In summary I take from this report that ……My downfall overall is myself!!!  I do know that I have an inbuilt need to be correct in the old fashioned sense of the word. Years of being taught to draw something “properly”, family and art group chums, well meaning but……..I now need to ignore it all and follow my own path.  Do More……do not be afraid of letting go .

I quote from the tutor feedback important paragraph

“Why shouldn’t the work be fun?  What does ‘properly’ mean?  This is a serious point and gets to the heart of the difficulties you sometimes have.  I really want you to have fun and pay and muck about and make a mess and learn about making through doing.  Turning all serous and ‘proper’ will get in the way of that.  Your best work is spontaneous and energetic.  Make hundreds of works like that (and I man hundreds) and you’ll start to get somewhere. Your a good student with loads of ideas but you tend to get in your own way a little. Let the work breathe. And laugh while you make it.”

The wall in front of my desk now looks like this