My reflections on Part three…….


I have during the portraits section of Practice of Painting1 continued to use oils as my chosen medium.  I am getting to know their drying times and their reaction to different surfaces.  I have used them with brushes, credit cards, glue spreaders, and rubbed them away with hands, cloth, and cotton buds an scratched into them.  My observation skills are improving, and developing the technique of leaving the room now and then gives me a little space where upon return I can see the picture differently.  I am enjoying trying different types of composition and not sticking to the traditional.

Quality of outcome feels as if it is erratic at the moment.  I have plenty of ideas, but sometimes they don’t quite end up as I originally envisaged. I could relax and enjoy the serendipity of the outcome more and then, as in the last exercise of this part “telling a story” I can  surprise myself. I am starting to use my judgement more and beginning to develop a gut feel.

I am very willing to experiment and have done quite a variety of work in this section. Considering that I had little access to models I am pleased that I have  managed  different pieces and pushed myself to experiment with either brushwork, colour or composition at each exercise.

Reflection is becoming easier, although there is still some way to go for me to feel comfortable explaining my work.  Research is more of a pleasure now, I am happier reading paintings than at the beginning.  Unfortunately during this part I was unable to get to any exhibitions which I feel would have helped. I am writing my Learning Log as I go along and therefore it is fresh in my mind as I write.