Looking at the portraits done in this section, its interesting that my first and last are in my view the best of the four.  It’s interesting because I was just about to start saying that it is difficult painting family as you have a preconceived idea of what they look like and yet the face I know best is actually the one I believe I have rendered best.

For interest, however, I like the last two, my son and myself.  Both had an added challenge of trying to work differently and this has freed up the painting somewhat.  The 2nd image, that if my hubby was the one I tried to make the most realistic and failed.  As I became more frustrated with it, the work became tighter and it was abandoned, it is not really a finished picture.  I did learn from it however that you cannot rush painting with oils, if I had allowed drying time and revisiting it several times I would have produced a better image. I am impatient…it shows here.

Standing up – all of the pictures apart from num 2 were done standing and using long handled brushes, necessitating more thinking time before actually applying a stroke and more freedom of arm/hand movement.