Having been away on holiday and spent another couple of weeks looking after my mother just out of hospital, I rather ran head long into this exercise feeling that I was behind schedule.

I tried to do some sketching on holiday and have added all these to my sketchbook page in this blog.

I certainly didn’t do enough prep for this exercise and my hubby was my only possible model.  Not best impressed with being asked again he sat for a few preliminary sketches and I took photos which I ended up working from.

IMG_1742.jpgHubby watching the TV


Rough preliminary sketches


Prepared the paper with a yellow and red rough wash of acrylic for speed and began to draw with oil paint, deliberately not making an outline first as I had had some success with sketching this way.

As I built up the face it kept changing shape, but I was getting to a stage where I had two much wet paint .  By now and too late I realised that I had tightened up.  I was painting sitting down at a table and  felt this was restricting my movement and therefore making quite a tight drawing, but I was kind of committed.


Putting in finer details, but getting quite stressed with this, I stopped at this point.  I could draw a diagonal line from bottom left up and I have two different paintings.  I photographed this from the side which almost made it look better, but I ended being quite disappointed with it.