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At this point I had no-one to use as a model for this exercise, so went ahead using my sketches from the last exercise and a photo I had taken on the day.

My first step was to paint a quick acrylic background on several sheets of A2 cartridge.

I painted a pale outline and began to fill in with white and outline with brown, not noticing until I stepped back that the proportions were wrong, particularly on the chair back, the body and the feet.

So….scrapped this and started again.

The second time went better, probably that need to warm up first had not been met so the first attempt served that purpose.  It is quite difficult when you are trying to do something in small sessions, due to time constraints to address this.

I chose to work with large blocked shapes of colour and filled in the figure using only line to describe the folds in her t-shirt.








At this point I re-read the brief – it mentions exploiting the negative shapes to increase the impact of the drawn figure.  As her leggings are black….I thought I would try a bold colour to achieve this step.



I chose red, and then spent some time tidying up the figure.

I have ended up with quite a graphic style drawing.  It was a challenge to draw with paint, but the ease of going back over things in acrylic paint helped with this exercise. I am pleased that I have a figure that looks as if she is sitting on the chair, her feet are not too small, a tendency I have had in the past, and she fits nicely on the page.