I was fortunate to have my feed back via a google hangout which my tutor recorded and shared with me so that I can re-listen.  He followed this with a report.

Over all the feed back was good, fortunately I had spotted my mistakes, with regard to such things a misplaced shadows and perspective and already written them in the blog. During part two I had aimed to be experimental with the exercises and this has paid off in different ways. As we discussed, by not playing too safe during the exercises I have forced myself to work in different/new ways and therefore learnt each time. I feel that it has built my confidence as well as my experience working with oil paint.  My understanding of the reasons for preparatory work has grown and I am advised to continue, even do more.

My sense of enthusiasm for the course apparently comes through in the blog which I am very pleased about. I have often thought that my writing is tame compared to others so,  I will proceed, now, with more confidence. My insecurity about writing also relates to my cold reading of other artists work , but this has improved and I am asked to push myself to do more of this.

Points I have taken to work on going forward………

  • Relating my work to other artists more specifically
  • Some of my images on the blog are not opening correctly – try and find out why
  • Try multicoloured grounds
  • use context in the figure work as I need to work on perspective a bit more
  • Mind map – photograph properly so they can be read on the blog
  • Remember the edges – work doesn’t have to be all in the middle (Degas)
  • Look at Lucian Freud, Jenny Saville, Euan Uglow, Degas

As last time I have taken points to consider and written them on a large sheet pinned up in my work room.