I am very aware that it is some time since I have drawn people.  There used to be a life class in my village, unfortunately it is closed and therefore I am a bit stuck for this part of the course.  There are some good resources online, but I am aware that nothing beats the real thing. I aim to draw as much as possible for this Project and to this end have already started  drawing in a sketch book whenever possible, from life, tv and online resources. I will add all the sketching to the Sketchbook page of this blog.

For this exercise my neighbours daughter kindly popped round between school and homework and we had a brief drawing session.


5 mins Graphite on Sugar paper ran out of room for feet.


5 Minutes Ran out of space again


Turned paper to Landscape actually fitted on the page – yeah!:)














10 minutes – sat on the floor instead of standing and got her all in





































Although I was pushed for time and out of practise I am quite pleased with the final drawing.  I have taken a photo also to be used maybe later to remind me of the pose.  I may not be able to use the same model each time so this may be a bit of a problem going forward.

It definitely took all the first three attempts to “get my eye in” as they say. I think that one of the only ways I am going to improve is to draw constantly ….I will continue to update my sketchbook.