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For this exercise I had chosen one of my drawings from the previous exercise, but looked at it again and asked myself

  • how to simplify it slightly….take out the chair, zoom in a bit
  • consider the angles … after looking at perspective
  • try and work looser, aka the work I’d been looking at by Pierre Bonnard, however we were asked to keep the colours limited so not as colourful.
  • work by painting, not so much drawing.

DSC_0133 (2)


DSC_0131 (1)

As per the brief I lightly drew the main shapes and painted them in.

Then proceeded to begin filling in the painting.

DSC_0133 (1)

Keeping the colours as limited as possible I also tried mixing them on the surface which definitely gave it a livelier feel than the flatter work on my first paintings.


The final painting.

What went wrong.

  •  I wanted to tone down the red of the rug, but wasn’t quite sure how. I believe once oil is dry one can glaze over with almost clear wash which could take down the brightness.
  • I am unhappy with the TV and cabinet, I tried to make them less bold but without success.
  • I am not convinced by the top of the door to the TV room, the angle is not quite right.

What went right.

  • Very pleased that I have produced this, as it is my least favourite part of the course so far and took some discipline to complete.
  • I am happy with the application of the paint, it is different again to what I have done so far, each painting is teaching me something different about how oils work.
  • I am becoming more confident with oil paint.
  • I like the softness of the edges, they are not straight, but that gives character to the image.
  • Even though the paintwork is white in the house, there is not one completely white part of the painting, and I am becoming more aware of/and enjoying adding colours from nearby objects to surfaces.


picSept 7th

Ive come back and looked at it again (becoming the best way for me to spot things).  there was something jarring….think I’ve spotted it……my perspective lines were wrong.  Put image in Indesign and marked on the lines.  The top of the door and the top of the picture on the wall red and blue lines……need correcting.


More Reflection at point of submitting for assessment – this is the start of my utilisation of technology to assist me.  From here on I use my laptop and ipad to help answer questions, on colour, perspective and running ideas.