The brief does ask us not to spend more than an hour on this exercise.  I knew before I started that this would be my least favourite part.  I am not good at this stuff and actively dislike drawing interiors.  I tried warming up with some very quick sketches below.


No joy here…. I find it very difficult to get much on the page, I’m drawing too big, cant push things away. So onward to the standing and moving 45 degrees for four drawings in one room.

Began in the Kitchen.

Getting a bit more, even tried landscape but was not having a great deal of success. the last one of these drawing appealed to me but because of the constant rectangles. So I took that and played with it….completely forgetting that there was another part to the exercise.


I liked the simplified version……. and get side tracked into abstracting it


I was then supposed to do four more from a sitting position…….already three hours trying to push myself to do this…..only managed one drawing here and that was from sitting in the lounge looking through the door, out to the hall and then through another to the playroom.


So in answer to the final paragraph of the brief, yes these were all difficult to execute and almost all look unsatisfactory to me.  However I might like to tackle this complex final drawing as the next exercise .   I am drawing to the lines in interiors as this sketch has lots of different planes and lines interconnecting and I also enjoyed the rectangles in the kitchen sketch.