Whilst on Pintrest I came across this artist and his work caught my eye. The picture that I spotted first was…………


Still Life with Table Cloth

We have been looking at how colour can evoke a mood and this did just that for me.  Summer with some freshly picked fruit on the table.  The tablecloth really does dominate the picture and the red in the pattern and the cherries really stand out against the muted shades of the garden foliage in the background.


I am going to try to find some books at the library………will come back to this artist.

25th Aug


Nude in an Interior 1935



Found a couple of books and  have ordered from library….continue search……



My Tutor directed me to this picture in the meantime.

My initial reaction…wow. just love the colours, the fact that there isn’t one flat surface, even the plain surfaces have different colours in them, the colours are all reflected in the figure that you can just see through the door.  I have difficulty taking my eyes off this…..there is a wonderful line of light all down the side of the figure…..




17th Sept 2016

I have just picked up one of my books from the library.

Bonnard Colour and Light (no date) Tate Publishing.
First thoughts on skimming through….at first glance the paintings are full of colour, however looking at them for longer there is a dominant all over colour, even if it is just flecks. for instance in the “Nude in an Interior” above there is a strong presence of blue green, in others red is dominant, as with ‘Table in Front of a Window’ and in “The Bathroom Mirror” a cold grey blue.  Has he worked with a particular limited pallet or used the dominant colour underneath and worked over it?

The Bathroom Mirror 1908



Table in Front of a Window














Bonnard Colour and Light (no date) Tate Publishing.