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My first step in tackling this exercise was to scribble some colour studies in my sketchbook, helping me to decide and looking a little bit at layout.  I had already made the decision that as this and the next exercise were going to use the same composition, I would keep it simple.

My layout being simple I decided upon lemon and violet, the simple reason was I really don’t like red and green (too christmassy for August) and Orange and Blue would be my natural choice and I’m trying to keep pushing myself to go out of my comfort zones.


Putting a ground of acrylic paint on first lemon/white.

I started to build the colours, at first a bit timidly with a dryish brush, my concern was could I use both colours on the same object. It became apparent that this was fine and I tried different methods to apply the colour, including stippling for the pear, which was only half successful.



Adding shadows and reflections.


Final Exercise

This ended up looking rather dull. As I mixed the violet and lemon I ended up with a drab brown.  I hadn’t seen that coming as my pencil sketch didn’t give me any inkling.  The apple seems to work fine, I think I kept the colours more separated.  My orange has ended up rather flat too. The jar itself I am pleased with, again, like the apple although I used both colours, I kept them mainly seperate.