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Before starting this painting…..I did some thinking beforehand and wanted to create a  happy mood, (I’d just been watching the Rio 16 closing ceremony)  I had no idea where to start so …….I started with a bright vermillion red thin acrylic wash..aiming for a warmth as a starting point.


My last picture ending up quite dull I also decided to go for something different style wise as well as colour.  I had just attempted a bit of pallet knife work in a previous picture and so went for it with just  a pallet knife and bright paint.

I thoroughly enjoyed dragging on the paint and letting it mix ,with little control from me, apart from the choice of colours.














I started to get a bit carried away and  where I had originally thought I would do unrealistic colours as well, I settled on exaggerated real colours.


I have never produced anything like this and at the moment I’m loving it……It still needs some shadows but there’s so much wet paint on there I cant attempt it yet……I’m thinking violet for these in a fine glaze, but I don’t want to spoil it yet.


I cropped it here just to get a close up view.

I think that I have achieved a holiday feel, it says mediterranean to me and thiscomes from the warm red underneath that I have deliberately let show through.

I have tried to crop these so they are the same for comparison.

This has been a very interesting exercise and I have learnt quite a bit about myself here.  I like both of these for different reasons, however I also like them both for the one reason that they have also shown me that stuff can be painted other than realistically…….I have shied away from still life before, as I always found it a little boring.  Looking at these side by side I find if hard to believe they are by the same person.  The brightly coloured one looks even brighter “in real life” I havent managed to capture it well with the camera.  The vase itself is actually mottled glass and I chose it mainly because of the shape.


Further reflection at point of submission –  This is right next to my discovery of Pierre Bonnard and his wonderful use of colour and coloured grounds.  With hindsight it is hard to believe that I haven’t mixed up the dates of the blog somehow… the style of paint application and the colours are so influenced by that piece of research. I had also  been looking at colour contrasts and op art and pointillism in previous research. This boldness of colour is also a part of my work that I can now see as a recurring theme.