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Visit to local park with friends.  Tree done with new chunky graphite stick, and geese who wouldn’t stay still.


Quick stuff done on holiday in a cottage, experimenting with mixing media, particularly what works well with oil pastel.

Drawing on acrylic ground in oil pastel, dragging through with q-tip dipped in Zest-it. Pleased with the effect, dragging has created a sort of screen if feels as if looking through something to the drawing, tried again, second one didn’t work so well, could be there was no ground, could be the random nature of the lines.

During the colour mixing exercises I was using a mirror tile to mix paint. Struck me that the paint due to be thrown could be printed onto paper and saved to use later. This came about as had been looking at Sigmar Polke on the advice of tutor, some of his grounds appear random, so will experiment further with these when they are dry.

polke photoshop 1a

Photoshopped face on scanned pallet print


Hand Drawn town in felt tip on print of pallett


Felt tip dotted face on pallet print

Experimenting with texture and scraffito on and dark ground.



Above are 4 charcoal drawings done a week after Georgia O’Keefe visit, whilst just trying to bring to mind lasting impressions.