First part of the exercise to make your own colour wheel.

As can be seen, my purples were not very successful.  I think that the basic colours that I have might not be the best choices for mixing purple.  Adding a little white helped a bit, but ………I was using cerulean blue…..should it have been cobalt, the prussian blue was very dark……it worked fine with the greens ?

The next part of the exercise was more successful, done on another day and choosing to mix my prussian blue a little with the cerulean blue gave me slightly better purples although still not quite my idea of purple.






Placing the opposite colours next to each other on a light grey (acrylic) ground emphasises them.  Here I felt that was particularly noticeable in the final eight, Green/Red, Blue Green/Red Orange, Orange/Blue, yellow orange/ blue purple.  This again is probably due to my colour mixes in those first two violet/purples.