I received my tutor report very quickly, which I was very grateful for.  I have had some time to reflect as I have been away on a short holiday.  I was really pleased with the report because of its depth and consideration more than anything, I have not experienced this previously. There is enough here to be thinking about and working on for some time 🙂

“Don’t worry too much about making ‘art’, but focus on the ‘work’.” is a quote from the first section that I will try and adhere to. If I can manage this I can see that it will improve my capacity to experiment. I am encouraged that my attempts so far are well received.

With regard to the exercises, I was grateful for feedback on a couple of these as it helps  to know that I am moving in the right direction and assessing my work correctly.  I am encouraged to go further, this applies also to reflecting on the work of other artists. I interpret this as needing to have more confidence in my opinions and needing to learn how to express myself in a clearer manner.  I am aware this is a timidity I need to overcome.

For My assignment itself, the feed back is interesting as my tutor felt that I have played it safe and not taken through some of the lessons learnt from my experiments, although there is a positive note that I chose the objects because of colour, shape and texture and learnt that I can move my angle and not just the objects. I am aware that I have a need to “just get on with it” rather than giving full consideration to all the elements before starting (and there are so many to consider!). I think I may be taking the instructions from the course notes too literally and should perhaps, not be so straight in my interpretation of them.

I am now encouraged to try further with oil paints, so far mainly working in acrylic.  I did choose acrylic as again my impatience came to the fore and I wanted quick results. I appreciate that there are more possibilities with oils, blending and colour strength and so will work on this medium more.

I have been advised to look at the work of Sigmar Polke and Henri Matisse. – I have ordered come books already from the library and await their arrival.

There are some excellent pointers for the next part of the course at the end of the report to which I will add some of the points above. This report has encouraged me greatly, and also made me realise I need to go deeper with every aspect of the coursework.

Points to be aware of going forward.

  • Keep experimenting – reflect how this can be folded into work.
  • Be bold – mix pigment on surface
  • How can drawing with oil pastels be exploited
  • Persist with oils
  • dont worry about making art – focus on the work
  • keep adding to sketchbook
  • Push more on reflection