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Take a few simple objects, plain and unpatterned. Place them so that they are lit from the side.DSC_0014

Few tonal sketches in my sketch book to get a feel for placement. I was using a torch to get more definite lighting as my “art space” has a brilliant overhead daylight light fitting but it is difficult to achieve directional light in here.  This did create strong shadows, which with hindsight was perhaps not what was needed for this exercise.

Gung-ho I dived straight into painting without reading the instructions thoroughly and came up with the two paintings below. Working on an A4 treated canvas pad with acrylics.

Looking back at the course notes I realised I had got ahead of myself and not done what was asked, so back to the beginning…..


Choosing another of my sketches this time I worked with just Paynes Grey and White, worked quickly and not particularly accurately . This time I ventured into Oils, having just purchased a few and a new medium called Zest-it (orange smelling), which is used instead of turps, which give me a violent headache. I was unaware of how wet oils stay and how much they can be diluted and continue to move around.

This is a very basic sketch, but I felt the shadows worked better with the dilute oil mix.