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Working from a drawing done on Drawing 1, I used a mixed media paper 250gsm  in A3 size and laid down a wash of Paynes Grey and Prussian Blue for the dark ground and then added a touch of this to white for the light ground. Using acrylic paints.  I roughly sketched the basic shapes on the washes.


The first painting on the light ground, outlining the basic shapes and filling in with the dark mixture.


The second approach was to work by painting in the negative shapes between the main branches.


DSC_0013The two finished exercise together.

I felt originally that the first approach was much easier, it felt more like drawing and the finished picture looks more like the tree. The second approach forced me to work very differently, painting from the negative shapes,  and I became a little frustrated that the tree was not looking as near to the sketch. However I came back to look at these the following day to write up the exercise and there is something more fluid about the branches and twigs in the second picture,  that appeals to me.  Part of the working differently bit was, that I had to move the paper round and was working with the image upside down in some places.

  • I am still getting used to the texture of paint and brush over pencil and paper and need to relax with the fact that at the moment I wont get perfect shapes (maybe its better if I don’t).
  • Moving the paper …..why not?
  • Look at the negative shapes more.