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Using white to make a tonal wash, photographed next to the one that was made with just water.

This was more difficult, especially with the acrylic paint drying so quickly.



Second attempt this time going from crimson through to Cadmium, photographed next to the original done with water.  I have used thicker paint with he opaque colour mixes.


Above I have tried to repeat the washing from one colour to another using white, here photographed next to the orignal again. This made it harder to get a strong sense of the two colours mixing.


I have learnt

  • Acrylic needs a retardent of some sort or work has to be done very fast. These did have a little retardent added, but even then it was tricky.
  • The opaque mixes mute the colour – not sure that I like this at all.
  • You can work over acrylic again and again.


Transparanent mixes/washes maybe for more ‘natural’ areas such as sky/water etc and the opaque makes for a more solid look.  At this stage when I have done little actual painting, I find it difficult to determine where they would be best used.